Some life insurance companies give an option for the policy owners to convert their policies.Term life insurance policy could be converted into a permanent life insurance policy. There are some advantages in this kind of convertibility. You can save the approval rating. If you have taken a ten year term policy and after eight years you want to extend the policy, In such cases you can convert it to a permanent policy private limited company registration where the two year exclusion is removed.It provides life settlement like if you are in need of money and borrow it by giving them the life insurance policy, They give you the cash but you no longer have access with the policy and pay premiums for that. It also helps with the mortgage life insurance.When you are at the end of the term life insurance policy you can convert it to the permanent insurance.You can ask a financial advisor before converting to make the policy worth.At the end of the term you get back all the premiums paid, Return of premium term gst registration online is used in some insurance companies. The permanent life insurance policies have four policy options, Whole life policies provide death benefit and savings benefit.Universal life policies are flexible and provide larger death benefit.Variable life policies provide death and savings benefit, Where you can invest in stocks, shares and mutual funds.You can sit with the financial professional and discuss which type of policy is more suitable for you and you can sign for it.